2022 Visual Art & Songwriting Contest




Contest judges selected 10 finalists to share $19,000 in college scholarships. 

Individual visual artwork was  judged on the following three criteria:

  • Concept/Design: Does the artwork address the theme in a clear and inventive way?  (1/3 score)
  • Technical Skill: Does the artwork show an understanding of visual art principles such as use of color, shading, light, and form?  (1/3 score)
  • Creativity: Does the artwork showcase an original point of view? Does it provide a fresh perspective on the theme?  (1/3 score)

Please click here to view the 2022 Visual Art Contest Terms and Conditions.



A panel of celebrity judges selected 3 finalists to share $6,000 in college scholarships.  Song submissions were judged on the following criteria:

  • Structure and Composition: Does the song have clearly identifiable sections (verse, chorus, etc)? Is the song between 2-5 minutes? Does the song have a clear theme and cohesive structure? Does the music have an identifiable rhyme scheme or pattern? (1/3 score)
  • Melody: Does the song have continuity and coherence in melody, as well as tone and style? Does the song offer something unique, different, and totally original? Does the music keep the listener interested and engaged?  (1/3 score)
  • Lyrics: Are the lyrics creative and original? Do they inspire an emotional or visceral reaction from the listener? Do the music and lyrics fit together in a cohesive way?  (1/3 score)

Please click here to view the 2022 Songwriting Contest Terms and Conditions.

2022 Songwriting Contest Winners

1st Place - $3,000

Kaleb Summers
Junior, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, New Orleans
“Nothing is Missing”



2nd Place - $2,000

Jayda Martin
Senior, Edna Karr Secondary School, New Orleans
“The City Where We Live To Eat”



3rd Place - $1,000

Emma Navarro
Senior, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, New Orleans
“Sweet Tooth”



2022 Visual Art & Songwriting Contest Theme: Louisiana’s Culinary Heritage

Louisiana is an international culinary melting pot. For centuries our food reflects a cultural history of adventurous cuisine. Statewide we boast excellent restaurants, festivals and food-focused events. Uniquely, Louisiana yields seafood, wild game and produce, providing home cooks and chefs with a wide variety of fresh local ingredients. These indigenous resources complement Louisiana’s cultural “gumbo” of French, Spanish, African, Italian and German flavors, influencing the food we “live to eat.” This year, Louisiana high school juniors and seniors are invited to create a work of art or song based on the theme “Louisiana’s Culinary Heritage,” representing our state’s unique culinary heritage while honoring its festivals, dishes and local ingredients. 

For artist George Rodrigue the culinary heritage of Louisiana was a recurring theme throughout his career. He painted portraits of Chefs, both well-known and obscure, as well as documented unique Cajun culinary traditions such as the Aioli Dinner (1971) and The Great Cajun Omelet (1984). He also owned several beloved restaurants throughout his life, and produced several successful cookbooks including The Pot and the Palette Cookbook. The Pot and the Palette Cookbook is an award-winning cookbook, and was first published in 2013, featuring art from our 2013 Annual Scholarship Art Contest.


Aioli Dinner, 1971

The Great Cajun Omelet, 1984

This year, in addition to the chance to win college scholarships, students also have the chance to have their artwork and/or song lyrics featured in our new cookbook The Pot and the Palette Cookbook II. The Pot and the Palette Cookbook II will feature recipes from Louisiana chefs, musicians, and local celebrities alongside illustrations from Louisiana high school juniors and seniors. The Pot and the Palette Cookbook II will debut in Fall 2022.

*Image is a sample cover for The Pot and the Palette Cookbook II. Actual cover image is subject to change. 


GRFA is proud to announce the Louisiana Office of Tourism and the Office of Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser as major sponsors of The Pot and the Palette Cookbook II.


About the Art Contest

The Annual Scholarship Art Contest is a unique way for us to honor the legacy of George Rodrigue while celebrating the talent and creativity of Louisiana high school students. Since the first Art Contest in 2010, GRFA has awarded over $555,000 in college scholarships through this program, providing much-needed financial support for young people pursuing higher education.

This visual arts competition encourages individual participation in the arts and is open to all Louisiana high school juniors and seniors, regardless of grade point average or intended college major. Students from public, private, charter, and home schools are invited to enter. In 2020, the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts, in partnership with the Trombone Shorty Foundation, expanded its Annual Scholarship Art Contest to include a Scholarship Songwriting Contest, providing a platform for both visual artists and songwriters across Louisiana to showcase their work.

Take Five, George Rodrigue (2014)

About the Trombone Shorty Foundation

 The Trombone Shorty Foundation’s mission is to inspire the next generation of musically talented opportunity youth through music education, instruction, mentorship, and performance. By honoring the New Orleans tradition of “playing it forward” from the earliest jazz legends onward, the foundation seeks to preserve and perpetuate the musical heritage of a city where music is everything. Experienced and professional teachers, tutors, and mentors support every student in the pursuit of a well-rounded understanding of New Orleans’ musical traditions, experience in music performance, reading, writing, and now, even business, and the social and academic skills they need to make noise wherever they go – in music and in life.



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