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Art Contest & Scholarship Information

GRFA grants monetary scholarships to High School Juniors and Seniors through an annual visual arts competition in order to encourage individual participation in the arts.

Each year's competition theme is determined by George Rodrigue and is announced in the beginning of every school year. In order to encourage participation by all, there is no GPA requirement and scholarship winners are not required to major in art.

Also, GRFA is working to establish partnerships with both public and private institutions that will match the GRFA scholarship if the winner attends their institution.


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Total Scholarships Awarded: $274,500!

2015 Art Contest Winners

2014 Art Contest winners

2013 Art Contest winners

2012 Art Contest winners

2011 Art Contest winners

2010 Art Contest winners

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Every year, GRFA hosts an awards ceremony in New Orleans for the top winners of our Scholarship Art Contest. Students, their parents and their art teachers are invited to celebrate at our event. Winner's entries are ranked in person by celebrity judges and then then scholarship amounts are announced "Academy Awards Style" by friends of GRFA.
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