In honor of our launch of the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts Art Contest, Wendy Rodrigue gives us some history on George and art competitions in her blog. And, she gives contestants some great advice on how to win the contest:

What will he look for in judging these works? The foundation’s website lists several categories, all of which I’m sure he’ll take into consideration. But if you’re reading this, and you’ve decided to go for it, remember these tidbits:

-George Rodrigue was confused and offended when he was disqualified from an art contest simply because his work did not look like everyone else’s.

-He claims that the only artist to ever inspire him is Salvadore Dali, because he had fantastic, original ideas.

-The best piece of advice he ever received is to “treat your painting as though it is a jewel, because if it is precious to you, it will be precious to others as well.”

-Never, ever paint giant magnolia blossoms.

(Make sure you read the whole blog entry if you plan on entering!)